MS SQL Server 2008 Fix

SQL Server Fix Toolbox (Download Free) is the easiest answer about how to fix corrupted database in SQL Server 2008 r2 and how fix SQL 2008 database in all instances of data corruption, affecting the structure of database files.

Fix SQL 2008 Database

This method of MS SQL Server 2008 fix does not imply the modification of original documents so the developer guarantees the safety of all fix database MSSQL 2008 activities in all instances of corruption.

How Fix SQL?

SQL Server Fix Toolbox does the following:

  • Fix database SQL 2008 in recovery and opens damaged databases of any version;
  • Supports easy and friendly interface, dividing the process of SQL 2008 fix database corruption into several easy steps;
  • Offers compatibility with all available versions of MS SQL Server database and works on any computer regardless its configuration;
  • Recovers objects, stored procedures, scripts, table data, functions, triggers, indexes and other items;
  • Permits executing all database repair operations on the same computer, convert this information to SQL scripts or upload repaired items to database servers;
  • Supports any version of MS Windows operating system, starting from Windows 98 and finishing with Windows 7;
  • Works with very large databases and guarantees the safety of database restoration by executing all activities offline and leaving the structure of database files untouched;
  • Explains all stages of database analysis in the detailed description of MS SQL repair procedure, published on the website of

SQL Server Fix Toolbox is not open source or free tool so it is covered with full support from the developer of specified program. Unlike GNU General Public License (GPL) and similar agreements, this software remains the property of application developer and its source code should not be modified.

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SQL 2008 Fix Database Corruption

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